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I pretty much draw lewds when my day job doesn't get in the way. I spend a lot of my time honing my skills and trying to become the best artist that only I can be. I hope you enjoy my work.

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Posted by Black-Cat-Regalia - December 6th, 2019




I hope you enjoy my work!



Posted by Black-Cat-Regalia - December 3rd, 2019

Working on something new. No biggie! I feel like im hitting a dead end with my colors. I'll have to watch a few tutorials and brush up on color theory. Any resources are more than welcome!!




Posted by Black-Cat-Regalia - December 1st, 2019

I am at a point in my life where I feel that I can devote more time to this aspect of my life. It’s not as if I just stopped making art completely. I pretty much cut out a lot of extracurricular endeavors that related to my illustration (this site and this persona being one of them).

This year began in a very unfortunate way with the passing of my father. No one could ever replace him or what he means to me. I had to come to terms with this. During my time of recovery, I isolated myself because I felt that it was the best course of action.

Focusing on myself and my well being was the most important and best decision that I have made. I still have a long way to go but I feel ready to start posting again. With that being said, I want to make sure that I find my own niche when it comes to this persona that I am developing for myself.

I have to ask myself if there is something that I want to create that I personally really like. I am not sure if I have found exactly what that thing/subject might be. I have a few in mind but whatever it is, I want to be one of the best at drawing it (or at least I want to create art that people get excited about lol).



Posted by Black-Cat-Regalia - May 31st, 2019

Yo! to the few followers that I have accumulated here.

I went ghost for a while because my father passed away from cancer this year. Having to bury my father, who passed away at the age of 49 was seriously the most difficult thing that I have ever had to do. I had to do a lot of soul searching/reflecting on what this means for my life. I wont state that I'm "back" HOWEVER, creating work is becoming easier with every passing day.




Posted by Black-Cat-Regalia - December 14th, 2018

 inko midoriya. Yay or nay? Im tryna draw something 👀




Posted by Black-Cat-Regalia - December 11th, 2018

Hey ghouls and fools, what are some of your earliest newgrounds memories? I actually remember my dad, mom and a few of their friends checking out the website. It was kinda weird because they we looking at/ playing the celebrity kill games. Those were really weird. I think a lot of adults at the time were checking out Newgrounds . There MIGHT have been some news about it (dont quote me in this though lol. The memory is fever dream level as it is). This is actually how I was introduced to the site. A bunch of rumors at school and my dad showing my brothers and I funny videos on there. Also, in elementary school, I used to watch a series called “XIN SESSION”. I would “tune in” every day after class on my grandmothers dell computer. Good times lol What ever happened to that series? I really miss that era of newgrounds where animators were making serious stories. 



Posted by Black-Cat-Regalia - December 10th, 2018

Has anyone’s kink(s) ever made them feel guilty? I wonder if thats a common thing? If so, is it easier to indulge while using illustration as a sort of proxy? 

Posted by Black-Cat-Regalia - December 7th, 2018

Good ol newgrounds is exactly what I need for a fresh start. Tumblr pretty much fucked itself lol. I hope to get much more work here done while meeting new people. This should be interesting.